Now that you have submitted your first deal via our Lead Submission Endpoint, you’re probably wondering how it’s doing.

Getting Started

The only things you’ll need are:

  • The lead id you received when you first submitted your deal through our API
  • Your api_key

Note that this status endpoint is only for deals submitted through our API.


You will need to contact us to get your api_key. The api_key must be included in your request header. If the api_key is missing or incorrect, the HTTP status code of the response will be 401 Unauthorized. See below for an example of a correct response header.


Since your API requests will contain sensitive personal information about our customers, you must use SSL (HTTPS). To discourage insecure API requests, the response code will be 403 Forbidden for all requests made over HTTP.

Rate Limiting

We impose a rate limit per user of 1 request per second. If you exceed this rate of requests, the response code will be 429 Too Many Requests. If you need to exceed this limit for some reason, please let us know!

The Deal Status Endpoint

You will be able to check your deal status with a GET request to the /v1/deal_status/LEAD_ID endpoint with the id of your lead. For example, the GET url might be<LEAD_ID>


The only thing you’ll need in the request header is your api_key!

  api_key: "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"  

Sample Request

With CURL:

curl -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'api_key: HERE_IS_MY_API_KEY'


The possible response body fields are

  • stage - the current state of your submitted deal in our process
  • max_approval - the maximum advance amount approved for this merchant
  • max_payments - the maximum number of payments approved for this merchant (term in days)
  • offer_link - link to our offer calculator where you can select terms and request contracts
  • decline_drivers - reasons why this deal was declined chosen from a set list (see below for list)
  • decline_notes - additional explanation for why this deal was declined
  • missing_info - additional information that is needed for a decision to be made on this deal

Your response will contain different fields depending on the status of your deal. All responses will contain the stage of your deal.

Deal Status stage max_approval max_payments offer_link decline_drivers decline_notes missing_info
Missing Information          

Response Codes

200 Success - Your deal was found successfully and it’s details are in the response body.

401 Unauthorized - Please provide a valid api_key header. You can contact us to obtain an api_key.

403 Forbidden - Please make your request over HTTPS. We do not support requests over insecure HTTP.

429 Too Many Requests - We limit the amount of requests to 1 request per second. If this is insufficient for your use case, let us know!

Sample Responses

These are some possible responses you may receive from our API

  "stage": "Approval Sent",
  "max_approval": 10000,
  "max_payments": 20,
  "offer_link": ""
  "stage": "Declined",
  "decline_drivers": "Default history;Excessive liens or judgements",
  "decline_notes": "This merchant does not look credible"
  "stage": "File Missing Info",
  "missing_info": "We're going to need more recent bank statements please!"
  "stage": "Working"

Example Decline Drivers

  • Application Incomplete
  • Challenged personal credit history
  • Default history
  • Excessive liens or judgements
  • Failed merchant interview
  • Fraud
  • Open or recent bankruptcy
  • Over-leveraged w/ pre-existing financing
  • Poor business risk score
  • Poor month to date performance
  • Poor personal risk score
  • Presence of criminal filings
  • Previous decline
  • Volatile deposits